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Garden Pond Supply

Here at, we have been providing top quality pond supplies for many years. We carry a wide range of items for all types of ponds: garden pond, fish ponds, koi pond, backyard pond. Let us become the online source for all of your pond supplies!

For advice on some of the most common pond questions, please see our section on pond algae as well as garden pond calculations. If you have other questions, please use our Contact Us page to submit your question and we will happy to give our best advice.

We highly recommend our Certified Organic Barley Straw as one of our most beneficial Pond Supplies. We also carry food for your pond fish and pond plants. For a full listing of our products, please view the sections below.

We offer a complete line of garden pond supply including:


Garden Pond Care Pond Management & Pond Maintenance

For optimal use of this most valuable of pond supplies. Don't forget to replace your Bundle before the other Bundle is completely disintegrated!

Address Fish and Garden Pond Algae Problems Naturally
- with Barley Straw

Are you aware of the special characteristics of Barley Straw which create a fish and garden pond environment not compatible to algae growth?

Check out our herbicide-free, Certified Organic Barley Straw Bundles . . . . . . . .you will be amazed at their price and performance!

Buy right from the farm and SAVE!

Let us be your source for all types of pond supplies!

Fish and Garden Pond Suppliers:
we welcome you as direct distributors of our Barley Straw or other Pond Supplies, please inquire!

Fish and Garden Pond supply for all types of ponds: garden pond, fish ponds, koi pond, backyard pond.

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